Freedom to Persevere. 9/13/11

Many of these days you will find a new freedom to persevere.  Many whose walk with the Lord has been patterned and characterized by highs and lows, there break up spiritual sewing resulting in inconsistent harvesting will move into an unbroken rhythm.  God is rewarding those who have been up and down, but yet have persistently gotten up again and again to fight.  Even though you have fallen often, your faith hasn’t failed; therefore, the Holy Spirit is sewing in your hearts a new ability to persevere.  Your season of sewing into the heart of God want be characterized by interruptions of the past; therefore, your harvest of the heart of God will be without interruptions.  You will learn how to surrender the weaknesses and inadequacies that have pulled you down again and again, how to yield those things to the Lord, and to be able to stand up and say in my weaknesses his strength is made perfect.  Many, many who have struggled for years, but yet have persistently gotten up to fight the good fight, again are coming in to discover that in their weakness his strength is made perfect.  They no longer have to be controlled by their inadequacy or inconsistency, but they can be controlled by the power of the indestructible life of Jesus, whose life is consistent and they learn to live by his adequacy and his consistency and his ability and his faithfulness.