False religions

False religionsMay 24, 2011

The Lord showed me that especially in America, but not just in America, in Europe as well as other places like Africa, that there are false religions that are rising up, disguised as biblical Christianity and they are not. We must be careful during this time of emerging revival that we don’t tolerate false religions. The church in Laodicea was rebuked because they had lost their first love. In this time when we are passionately crying out for God, and God is restoring our first love, moving us away from a church that has all the structure, all the doctrine, all the theology correct, we have to be careful not to run so far into passion that we move into false religion in the name of passion. If you look at that word to the Laodicea church, the Lord acknowledges them, doesn’t rebuke them for the fact that they are concerned about truth and don’t tolerate heresy or false religion. God didn’t rebuke them for that, He simply rebuked them for having lost their first love. And obtaining our first love, we must be careful not to abandon the historical truth and tolerate anything in the name of Jesus, just because the people seem to be excited and have a passion. This is a deception from the enemy and a ploy to try and sabotage this true move of God.