Dream Again

It’s time to rise up and try again. You must no longer allow the failures of your pass to label you as failure. It is time to fill your horn with oil go once again into the same battlefields where you the experienced failure in the past, but this time it will not be failure but victory in the name of Jesus. It’s time in the spirit of joseph to pick up the dreams that you once had, now thrown away. Those dreams have not died, they have been living and breathing all along, waiting for this fullness of time season for you to pick them up again. The enemy of your soul has tried to tell you all along that the real problem was that you hoped for too much. The problem wasn’t that you hoped for too much, but that you hoped for too little. But now your heart is ready to pick up the dreams again, and dream with a God sized vision this time. You were not a failure in the past, you were a learner. With the Banner of Christ, run to the battle with the song of victory on your lips. You will see the enemies of the past scattered, and your God given dream oiled for realization.