Changing of the Guard

The number 12 is the number that represents Government. I believe that the Holy Spirit has shown that in this year of 12 we are going to begin to see a lot of change in government both in the natural and the spiritual. Governmental structures and leaders are going to shift. There were a lot of changes last spring in the Arab world, but even there, though Governments were torn down, new leadership has yet to be established. In this season other structures will be pass away, but new leaders and structures will be established. Again this will be true also in the Body of Christ. Past leaders will pass on and God will raise up new leaders and structures for this time and season. The enemy will try to compete to place his appointed in both the natural and the spiritual. We must discern the purposes of God in this strategic season and pray for God’s appointed to be established. God is bringing everything into order to contain His purposes on the Earth. We will be watching Jehovah moving the pieces on he board.