South Africa/ Release of the Spirit 8/1/11

South Africa/ Release of the Spirit 8/1/11 Probably 2 ½ months ago in prayer I just saw the Holy Spirit hovering like this golden haze, like this yellow haze, over South Africa.  From that haze, almost like a fog, there were these drops of yellow rain.  It was almost like a sprinkling, not like a […]

10/21/11 Shaking Japan

Pray for Japan  (7-28-11)  Add to this some kind of political or leadership drama in the days ahead Yesterday I got this word from the Lord, that He was going to continue to shake Japan from many different directions.  The purpose of His shaking is to bring Japan to a place where the heart of […]

Sydney, Austrailia. 8/5/11

Sydney, Australia (7-28-11)   The name Sydney, that Sydney, Australia was named after was a result of the explorer from England, Arthur Phillip, who discovered the area which is now called Sydney.  He named it after Lord Sydney, Thomas Townsend, the Secretary of State in England.  It later became known as Sydney Town.  His name […]

Greece/ Whose to blame 8/1/11

Greece/ Whose to blame 8/1/11 As many of you might be aware that the country of Greece has been on the news often, almost daily for many many many many months now because there going through a financial meltdown.  In the natural, there are many reasons for that financial meltdown. Primarily because they’re in too […]


For the last week or so the Lord has put Tunisia on my heart to be in specific intercession for them. Over the last few days He has added Algeria to that burden as if they were twins.

England 8/1/11

England has been on my heart for a long time, especially London. England and especially London have a very significant place in our times. England is both a target for the powers of darkness and for the spirit of the Lord. I believe that all of England is particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks. I also […]

Tunisia 8/1/11

About a week ago the Lord put the nation of Tunisia on my heart as one of those places to pray for. There is so much unrest in that part of the world that I do t know why specifically Tunisia. He knows, and that is enough for me. Tunisia overthrew its government months ago, […]

China 8/1/11

About a week and a half ago I began to get this strong word about China being vulnerable to some large natural disaster. It could be a a very damaging Typhoon or an Earthquake, or both. We need to pray that if this is a second heaven plan that it will be averted or minimized. […]


Paris                             June 7, 2011  There is a huge battle for the soul of Paris, France right now. We may even see this played out in the natural. Invading oppressive forces have taken over for some time, and they govern tyrannically the streets of Paris. Just as in world war II, their is an underground movement of […]