Another shifting Update

Shifting Update Major earthquakes hit off US, Mexico coasts Published April 11, 2012 This map shows the location of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck off the coast of Mexico on April 11, 2012. (USGS) An earthquake of magnitude 7.0 was reported on Mexico’s Pacific Coast on Wednesday, following on the heels of a […]

Spain update

Spain again was on all the news services yesterday. The Stock market is dropping badly, and the news said it is connected to Europe’s, and particularly Spain’s critical situation. Go back and look at the words given about Europe over the last few months. Especially look at the word about France given Feb. 6th. There […]


Earlier this week I gave a word that the heartland was very vulnerable. The headlines after the Missouri storms were “Heartland hit hard.” I reiterated that word after those storms. Today, many places are being hit, but the heartland (Indiana) is being hit the hardest. The heartland remains vulnerable in the weeks ahead. Pray.

Possible Plane Crash (Update)

I got a word about seeing a plane crash a few days ago, and that prayer could avert it. Its on the home page of Aslan Roars. This was on Fox News this morning. Thanks for praying. It matters!!!!! British Airways pilots make emergency landing after feeling ‘light-headed’ London to Glasgow flight returns to Heathrow […]