I had a dream last evening and saw a strategy board all covered in red, this could represent the world or your own personal lives.  We were fighting against the enemy and the Lord stepped in and said ‘you act like the enemy owns everything but you are wrong’.  I have already bought and paid […]

Angelic Release 11/10/12

There is going to be a release of a lot of angelic activity on the earth, particularly angels moving in their primary ministry as messengers communicating to you revelation about God, about His heart, about His purposes and things that he is doing. Just expect and pray for and if you receive a prophetic word […]

Deep Waters Made Still 9/19/12

The Lord showed me this vision of a great storm on the surface of the waters, yet deep below, the waters were still, and at peace. Many are going through personal times of great storm on the surface of their lives, and collectively, and culturally we will all be experiencing great storms on the surface, […]

Hush 8/23/12

Three time in the Old Testament we are told to “Be silent before the Lord.” Those words “Be silent” in Hebrew literally mean “Hush.” We are living in a Lamp time before the Lord. We have cried out to know Him and love Him at an extravagant level. We’ve been mourning for more disclosure of […]

A Bride Dressed in Sackcloth 7/5/12

Joel 1:8 ¶ Wail like a virgin girded with sackcloth For the bridegroom of her youth. Joel 1:13 ¶ Gird yourselves with sackcloth, ….. Come, spend the night in sackcloth, It is time for the Bride to clothe herself with sackcloth, and to lie all night before the Lover of her soul. Sackcloth represent mourning […]

Solar Eclipse 6/3/12

The Lord showed me that some of you are experiencing a solar eclipse; specifically an Annular Solar Eclipse. A solar eclipse of course is when the moon comes between the earth and the sun and darkens the sun. An annular eclipse is when the moon covers the sun, but is smaller and therefore leaves a […]

May 27th 5/14/12

The Lord has been showing me that May 27th will be a major shift day in the spirit. The idea of seasons in the natural are just a reflection of the fact that there are seasonal shifts in the spirit realm. I don’t really know anymore, but I will report what I see and hear.