It’s Time to Rise Up

It’s time to rise up It is time to rise up and launch an assault in the heavenly realm, against the strongholds, the kingdom of darkness in your life. It’s time to launch a rebellion and overthrow the trespasser king and to establish the rule of the rightful king and his government. It’s especially time […]

Word on “Hell-Storms”

Word on “hell-storms” On April the 9th, I was coming to the end of a long journey of ministry and travel that had been going on for about 3 months.  That particular week, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I had been to Flat Rock, NC doing a clergy retreat and then left Flat rock on […]

Rhythmic Dancing

Word on rhythmic dancing In the first part of April, I had a vision that lasted a few days, and I still get it occasionally now of Jesus doing rhythmic dancing. Like you see in the Olympics. He was doing this rhythmic dancing and inviting his people to dance with Him. But what He was […]

Rise of the Commoners

Word on the Royal Wedding The week of the Royal Wedding, maybe a day or two before, somebody asked me if I had a prophetic word about it and I laughed because I hadn’t given it much though.  Besides, it was also the week of all the horrific tornadoes here in Alabama.  But actually on […]