Slaying the Anointing

6/5 Slaying the anointing   This was an open vision where I saw the devil who looked exactly like the red devil on a can of deviled ham. He was totally red, you could hardly make out facial features, he had horns, a long red spiked tail and had a spear in his hand. In […]

Holy Scribes

Holy Scribes 6/8/11 God is raising up in this generation holy scribes, many of who will write in this country, in particular anointed books. May of these books will appear as ground breakers, spelling out clearly the purposes and ways of God like never before. Men and women, who like Paul, have been to the […]

The Energy Never Dies

The energy never dies, E.N.D. 6/09/11 There is an anointing being released to help propel the body of Christ to fulfill their destinies and accomplish their purposes in their time on the earth. This anointing is called the energy never dies, e.n.d, the energy never dies. It’s the anointing to finish until the very end […]

Word to Witch Hunters

Word to witch hunters 6/9/11 For too long now in the church, witch hunters have been tolerated. This is the time that the Holy Spirit will be exposing the witch hunters for their recklessness and their cruelty. Those who move about within the body of Christ, on a witch hunt, looking for who they can […]

triple crown winners

In the world of horse racing, winning tbe Tripple Crown is the ultimate accomplishment. No horse has won it since Secretariat did it decades ago. It is a rare accomplishment. We are in a time when many spiritual Tripple Crown winners are appearing on the scene. The Tripple Crown according to 1Corinthians 13 is FAITH, […]

Putting things in order

Putting things in order June 7, 2011 Number 22 prophetically can represent things coming soon, or things happening soon, even to mean “instantly” or “suddenly”. 27 years ago, on June 7th, a remarkable thing happened twice in one day. The numbers of that day ended up being 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. At 1:23:45 on 6/7/89 in […]

Join the Union

Join the Union May 31, 2011 The Lord is saying that at this time, when so much is at stake, we need to ban the spirit of independence and join the Union. It is time for us to stop disdaining the church and realize that though we have a personal relationship with Jesus, we don’t […]

False religions

False religionsMay 24, 2011 The Lord showed me that especially in America, but not just in America, in Europe as well as other places like Africa, that there are false religions that are rising up, disguised as biblical Christianity and they are not. We must be careful during this time of emerging revival that we […]


Mayday 5/2/2011   The 2 most important days in the satanic calendar for satanic worshippers are Halloween and May the 1st, known as May Day. The may-pole dance that children participate in is a demonic act of worship. On this day, May 1st, one of the 2 most evil days in the satanic calendar, Osama […]