One Thing 4/2/12

At a real crisis in my life about 30 years ago experience great loss and rejection the Lord caused me to discover this old hymn, especially the first 4 verses of the first stanza. Those first 4 lines have been an important part of my soul all these years. As we approach the Cross this […]

One Thing 4/1/12

It always amazes me to think about how much God loves me. I never get over the thought of it. I don’t know me as well as he does, but I do know me well enough to know that there’s nothing in me that deserves His incredible love. The fact that he can love me […]

One Thing 3/29/12

“Problems are just opportunities dressed up in overalls.” I learned that little phrase many years ago, and it has always stuck with me. The Lord loves to show off. He loves to put us in situations that only He can overcome. It reveals His ability, and reminds us of our utter dependency. His adequacy is […]

One Thing 3/28/12

Song of Solomon 4:9 tells us that we ravish the heart of God with a single glance of our eyes, and a single strand necklace. Yesterday, we talked about the wonder that we can ravish the very heart of God with just a single glance of our eyes. It’s amazing thing for me to reflect […]

One Thing 3/27/12

Just one glance. That’s what Song of Solomon says is all it takes to ravish the heart of God. Is that a statement about God’s weakness and desperation to be loved, or rather is a statement about how strongly and desperately He loves us? God needs nothing, but He has chosen to love us with […]

One Thing 3/26/12

There are millions of serious Christians all over the world who long to walk in a greater anointing than they have walked in before. This is a wonderful thing to long for. 2 Corinthians 1:20 tells us that we are already anointed if we are In Christ. It’s part of the equipment we were given […]

One Thing 3/25/12

Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and anointed us is God, who also sealed us and gave us the Spirit in our hearts as a pledge. Notice that this verse in second Corinthians Chapter 1 says that we have been anointed. It doesn’t say that we could be anointed, or shall be […]

Aslan Roars 3/23/12

Yes, being Born Again means so much more than most of us realize. It means we’ve become new persons; new creations, who have a fresh chance at life, to get it right this time. How many people would love to be born over again and do life better. What if people could be born over […]

Aslan Roars 3/22/12

I come to the conclusion that the one message Christians need to hear is about being Born Again. You might say, but isn’t that the one message Christians don’t need to hear, since if they are a Christian they are already born again. Well, the problem is, many, if not most don’t seem to have […]

One Thing 3/20/12

One of my favorite Mother Teresa quotes about living a surrendered life is “Take what He gives, and give what He takes with joy in your heart.” To live this kind of life several things must be at work in our hearts. For one, we have to be totally abandoned to the will of God. […]