Breaking the Curse Cycle 1/5/12

It’s time for the curse cycle to be broken

The Lord is saying that many of you have been living under a curse and the cycle repeats itself. This could be true for you personally, but also for your family and therefore, it would be an ancestral curse. As a matter of fact, if you don’t stand now and break the power of this curse cycle in your own life you could be the one that begins a generational curse for your family descendants This particular curse cycle that must be broken is the result of some choice that either you made or your family has made, and the result of it is that the warfare was so severe that there was a curse placed on you or your family where there seems to be a cyclical sin activity, a cyclical warfare that keeps occurring.
In a family, it could be the same kind of sin that keeps occurring over and over again, or the same kind of battles being fought over and over again, generation after generation.
For you as an individual again, it could be that from that point forward, things just seemed to get so much more difficult. There seems to be failure after failure after failure, repeating itself almost cyclically. It’s like there’s just this cycle of things being negative that you can’t seem to break out of.
The Lord is saying that we’re now in a time where the curse cycle must be broken. It’s no mystery: all you’ve got to do is get alone with the Lord and ask him to show you where the curse cycle began; where it started. He is faithful. The Holy Spirit is the leads us into all truth. He’s the revealer, and he will be very faithful to show you where it started. At that point, on behalf of your whole family, you need to call it what it is. The choice that opened the door for the curse to enter needs to repent of, on your behalf, or on behalf of your family, just like Nehemiah did, and others in Scripture did on behalf of Israel. You need to repent of it and then you need to renounce it, and then it needs to be placed under the blood of Jesus. Once you’ve done that, you need to consciously and verbally celebrate your freedom from this curse cycle and the freedom for your family from this curse cycle. Not every trauma or sin invites demons that bring curses, but some do. The way you can tell is the cyclical nature of darkness that keeps affecting you. It’s time to get FREE. NOW!!