Angelic Release 11/10/12

There is going to be a release of a lot of angelic activity on the earth, particularly angels moving in their primary ministry as messengers communicating to you revelation about God, about His heart, about His purposes and things that he is doing. Just expect and pray for and if you receive a prophetic word it is an invitation to keep praying for the release of this angelic activity because God is releasing angels all over.  So don’t be surprised of reports from others who encounter angels and angelic activity especially communicating to them or indicating to them the heart of God the will of God, the purposes of God the intentions of God for their lives and on the earth. The word is signifying; that they will be signifying in some way what God is up to.  People are going to have dreams of encountering angels they are going to sense angels in their midst speaking things and acting and moving as the messengers of God.