An Explosive Season 4/29/13 (Update from 11/5/12)

Below is part of a word given on 11/5/12. We are definitely in an explosive season, where its seems every week there is new News about some explosion. There is more to come. This is also true in the Spirit. Some of these explosions in the natural, as well as in the spirit will seem very destructive, and even tragic (some won’t) but God will use them all to accomplish His purposes at this time in redemptive History.

11/5/12. “A few weeks ago the Lord spoke a word which I gave publicly – somewhere there was going to be some major volcanic activity. It would be a prophetic sign in the natural a lot of explosive things would be happening on earth. Just explosive things happening in the natural. In terms of geopolitical and such, the volcanic eruptions will be a sign to us not only to be in prayer but will indicate explosive things happening in the spiritual. This word ties into the previous word given about Must Shortly Take Place time. All I can say is I heard the word ‘explosive’, there will be explosive things happening in the spiritual. Explosive things don’t necessarily mean bad, but can. It’s just things will happen quickly and have a real impact which can include good things. Be aware of what God is doing and be in prayer and on the alert for this natural volcanic activity.”