America: The best of times and the worst of times 10/27/15

There has been a silly war of words among prophetic voices in America lately.  There are those who are prophesying the real possibility of dark days ahead for the United States, and there are those that are prophesying only good days ahead of revival and harvest.  To answer which one of these do I think is right, the answer is YES. The reality is, that both of them are likely representing the voice of the Lord.  There is revival coming to the Church in America, and remember, revival is first for the people of God.  The result of the people of God experiencing true revival is that the light restored will be able to expel the darkness  that surrounds. As the darkness is dispelled because the light is being the light of the world, then the harvest comes. But I’ve been saddened to watch brothers attack each other and accuse each other of being false prophets just because their words are not similar. The truth is,  Isaiah 60 says  that we will come into a time where the light will get brighter but the darkness will get darker.  In every revival throughout history things got darker before a desperation for light issued in a greater light.  I’ve heard it said many times lately that the New Testament prophetic word can never be a negative one. That is biblical nonsense. If that is true then Jesus must apologize for his prophetic words  in Matthew 24.  It is true that in first Corinthians 14 personal prophetic words are for edification, exhortation, and consolation. Yet, even in personal words given,  I’ve seen loving, gentle corrections given to people that resulted  in edifying, exhorting and consoling, as beliefs and actions were brought into adjustment to the will of God so He could bless fully.  Even in the Old Testament when the Lord would speak rebuking words, or send strong corrections to His people, it was never the judgment of rejection, Instead, it was always to awaken their hearts to love Him with renewed passion, and without mixture, so they could experience His relentless love, and His love’s desire to release His full blessing on them.  I’m concerned about this prophetic war going on because I believe those who only see sunshine, and those who see darkness are both catching a glimpse of what God is going to do in America. Revival is coming, and there are signs of it  already on the ground in various places across the US, but it is true that America may have to go through a season of deeper darkness,  depending on choices she makes, before we can see the greatest expressions of Revival in our land. The great revivalist Charles Finney said that “Revival always presupposes declension.”  Even though we have already watched America decline at some levels, the very fact that  we are not in full-fledged revival  indicates that there may be more declension to come before the fullness of Christ is manifested completely in the land. I hope this isn’t true this time around; and I do believe that choices can be made as a nation that could  limit or even reverse the declension,  but we are in a critical season right now if that is to happen.  The good news is that revival is here, though young, and is coming I fulness, but there very well might be a greater darkness before it does.  God does not waste anything, and to understand His ways, is to know historically that He uses the darkness to awaken the hearts of His people to long with an irresistible longing for His manifest presence and power. Every prophetic voice, no matter how anointed sees through a glass darkly.  I pray that those who are throwing darts at each other just to defend their own imperfect vision,  will in humility repent of their pride because the enemy would love at this time for the people of God to be in confusion  and take sides.  If you want to know what the voice of the enemy sounds like in our day, it sounds like Christian leaders,  particularly prophets, and prophetesses criticizing, other prophetic people because they see something different. Maybe they simply see something also.