America 5/23/12

This morning as I was worshiping, I suddenly had this vision of America, and I began to weep. I saw transposed over America a heart, and then I saw the heart torn in two, and it was a jagged tear. I then saw a man in the dark carrying a lantern as if He was looking for something. I realized it was the Lord, and I wondered what He was looking for, and He said I am looking for America’s soul. Then I heard “Grim, Grim, my son; Hope, Hope.” I then became aware that there was still hope, or God wouldn’t still be looking for America’s soul, but I also how sad His demeanor was that He was having to search in the dark for what could be lost forever; something He treasures so much that He would be aroused to search for it.

Oh God may you find the soul of America. Keep your lantern burning Oh God until our hearts turn to you again.