Airline Accident. (NEW IMPORTANT UPDATE 4/20/12)

I posted earlier today about the flight that crashed in Pakistan. Even though intercession didn’t prevent the accident, the Lord spoke to me today, that the intercessions resulted in some people on that plane became Christians over the last 2 days before they died in the crash. That is so powerful. Be encouraged. Also, I heard this evening that a crash was averted of a Delta airline yesterday, that emergency landed in New York. That’s about 24 hours after the word was given. I heard the story on the evening national news on Fox. The story is posted below. Amazing how clearly God is speaking in these days, so that we can be aware of what He’s doing, and like in these two incidenst, we can participate in His purposes and the battle though our intercessions. I also added two other remarkable stories at the bottom in light of the prophetic word given on Tuesday the 18th.


Delta flight forced to emergency land after bird strike takes out a 757 jet engine
April 20, 2012

Some damaged fan blades from the bird strike are barely visible in Delta flight 1063’s right engine. Photo by Grant Cardone, via Twitter. Larger image below.

Larger image of above. Some damaged fan blades from the bird strike are barely visible in Delta flight 1063’s right engine. Photo by Grant Cardone, via Twitter. CLICK TO ENLARGE(NATIONAL) — It’s one of those things in the back of many an air traveler’s mind; the prospect of a bird strike – a direct hit into one or more engines on your jetliner by a flock of birds – causing your aircraft to be in serious trouble in a heartbeat.

That is what happened to Delta Flight 1063 Thursday afternoon. The Boeing 757, originally bound for Los Angeles, was forced to make an emergency landing back at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport after its right engine experienced a bird strike shortly after takeoff and the cabin began filling with smoke.

“We lost our right engine due to the ingestion of birds,” the pilot told the control tower.

But the calm, cool voiced pilot – the audio recording of the pilot’s communication with air traffic controllers on the ground revealed he could not have been calmer and in more control of the situation – brought the plane back to JFK for a safe emergency landing and there were no injuries.

“All is well,” the pilot calmly told the controllers who were coordinating the landing and response teams on the ground. “They can take their time and everybody can be calm out there,” he added.

Bird vs. machine: Biden’s plane grounded

On the same day that a Delta Air Lines flight lost its right engine to a flock of birds, the plane flying Vice President Joe Biden – Air Force Two – was grounded after encountering a bird strike while en route to Santa Barbara. And a bird also interfered with Hillary Clinton’s plane while she was flying from Brussels to Paris. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.
>>> good evening. since the wright brothers ‘ first flight, we have competed with birds for space in the sky. they were there first, and from time to time, they remind us of that. occasionally with dire consequences. over just the past 24 hours , three jet aircraft have been hit. in the first instance, tragedy was avoided at new york ‘s jfk when the jet was able to circle around back. but now we have learned air force two carrying the vice president and another jet carrying secretary of state clinton have also been hit. all of them in the past 24 hours . nbc’s pete williams is with us tonight with this still developing story. pete, good evening.

>> brian, it happened to secretary clinton’s plane while she was flying from brussels to paris. the air force landed it safety, but sometimes birds weighing only a few pounds can cripple a 90,000-pound aircraft. riveting video captures how it sounds and looks when it’s bird versus machine.

>> an engine failure, the right engine. declaring an emergency due to a bird strike .

>> shortly after this delta airlines flight took off yesterday from new york ‘s jfk airport on a flight to los angeles , it lost its right engine after flying into a flock of birds. the pilot was able to turn it around and land the boeing 737 safely to the relief of the 172 passengers on board. last night, the same problem for one of the most carefully maintained and heavily protected american planes in the sky, air force two, flying vice president biden. it’s been grounded after it had a bird strike on a flight to santa barbara . vice president biden continued his schedule using another air force plane. the most dramatic example came three year ago with the most famous save in aviation history . in what will forever be known at the miracle on the hudson, sully sullenberger brought his flight down on new york ‘s hudson river after flying into a huge flock of birds, losing power in both engines. airports have long struggled to keep birds away from airport. . some fire cannons to frighten them off. others use dogs on the runways. the builders of jet engines , including ge, a part owner of nbc, test their ability to withstand this problem that is as old as the jet age , by throwing frozen birds into the turbines. sometimes they come too fast and in too large a number for even the most modern jet engine to handle. compounding the problem is this fact, many of the nation’s busy airports are located next to rivers, lakes, or the ocean, places birds consider their hubs, too, brian.

>> what an incredible turn of events in the last 24 hours . pete,