12/11/11. Birthday!!!!

Tomorrow, 12/11/11, is an amazingly significant day in the spirit. On this day we will pass through into a season of extraordinary harvest. Many will begin to harvest promises from God, and the purposes of God, that they have been standing in faith for; some for years, and years. Many prophetic people have spoken about this during 2011. 2011 has been a year of transition. 11 is a number of transition and expectation. This year is the year of the elevens, and has been a year of transition and expectation prophetically. There has been so many stunning events happen during this past year. I’ve never seen anything like it. So many have spoken about this year as we have moved toward the season of fulfillment. 
One of the most important words I have ever gotten was on 3/9/11 about 3/11/11 and beyond. On 3/11/11 the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami occurred. From that day nothing but record setting events in the natural have continually been happening. All of this prophetically declaring that we are in a 3/11 time. This awesome season is just the foretelling of this moment in prophetic history that we are about to move into. It’s like pregnancy. Beginning on 3/11 something came alive though not fully birthed. There have been amazing signs of life, but the prophetic child has not been fully seen. It has grown and is undeniably there but yet to be fully birthed. Tomorrow is birthday. Prophets from all over the world have spoken about 2012 and the years beyond as being a great time of harvesting the presence, power, and purposes of God. I believe the new year already began at Advent; the beginning of the Christian New Year. 12/11/11 is exactly 9 months after the word that the earth was impregnated with on 3/11. The Gestational period is over, and tomorrow the birthing occurs. “The Eleventh Hour “time is about to become the “The Clock Strikes Twelve” time. 
If you haven’t heard about the phenomenon concerning 2011, that I believe is a stunning confirmation about all that has been said by so many concerning this year of the 11’s. Here it is. If you add the the last 2 numbers of your birth year to your age it will add up to 11, or 111. That is true about everyone on Earth. Here is an example. My birth year is 1952, and I am 59. Add 59 to 52 it comes to 111. Again, this is true about everyone on Earth. Amazing, amazing, confirmation. This happens every 800 years. The last time it occurred was 1211. Wow, tomorrow is 12/11. There will be continual warfare, signs, and shaking. The darkness may get much darker but the light is going to get much brighter. Lots of shifts. More about that in other words. It’s no surprise that many have fallen during this year as Satan has desperately tried, and in some cases succeeded in keeping people from their “Twelve O’clock” time. There may be a sign announcing the birth, so keep you eye to the sky prophetically.