Words and Healing Released in Idaho

A Testimony from School of Prophets 2014
by Mark Finley
Meridian, Idaho

About how God has been at work since I returned from the School of Prophets

1. Sunday, May 18 – Prophetic Word
Five of us went out to lunch after the Sunday service [the deacon and his wife, an elder, my wife and myself]. During our time there, the deacon asked the waitress if we could pray for her. She agreed. She informed us that she had three daughters. I had a word for her middle daughter, who apparently was getting ready to move back east. Afterwards, the waitress thanked me for “my insights” regarding her daughter. I simply told her to thank the Lord. [I did not, at this time, talk about the “prophetic.”] As we were leaving I felt some ‘fear.’ I had felt this before but this time I somehow knew that it was not mine. I knew that I knew that it was the waitress’s. As I looked back into the restaurant, she was wiping off a table. I motioned for her to come up to the front of the restaurant. At this time I also asked my wife to join me. It seemed appropriate not to pray with this woman by myself. [Recalling the techniques of etiquette that Archbishop Jones had taught on during the School of Prophets.] As the waitress was coming towards us, I heard and saw the words, “in harm’s way.” I told her that I believed the Lord was wanting her to know that she was very concerned about her daughters, especially two of them: the one who was moving and the other one who had just joined the military, and she was to be comforted by the fact that the Lord would protect them and keep them out of “harm’s way.” She began crying. She then told us how proud she was of her daughters, and especially the one who had just entered the military, but also how worried she had been. She was so very grateful for the word the Lord had for her. Then I told her that I was also getting from the Lord that He had future plans for her. She began crying even more. I then explained as best I could about the ‘prophetic.’ God our Almighty Father is so gracious and full of compassion! It was such a confirmation of all that was received and taught at the School of Prophets!

2. Tuesday, May 20 – Physical Healing
I have been covering for a chaplain at one of the health care facilities in town who has been recovering from some surgical procedures. The job description entails being on site as a non-denominational chaplain for four hours on Tuesday’s from 8:00am to 12:00pm. We are to be available to the residents, their families and staff. In the re-habilitation wing of the facility, I entered a room occupied by a middle aged gentlemen sitting in a wheel chair. I introduced myself and told him I was the chaplain. I had stopped into see him the week before and he did remember me. He seemed pleased to see me. I asked him how he was doing. He said that he was not doing very well and complained of having a lot of pain in his head and neck. At that moment, I saw and heard the words “spinal column.” [I don’t know how else to say this, but that is what I both saw and heard: spinal column.] I asked him if I could pray for him and he said, ‘Yes.’ I asked him if I could lay my hands on his head. Again, he said, ’Yes.’ [Recalling again the techniques of etiquette that Archbishop Jones had taught on during School of Prophets.] Upon laying my hands on his head, I said, “Jesus, please heal his spinal column.” He immediately began to move his head from side to side and up and down and said, “Wow, it feels so much better.” It was instantaneous! It was amazing! God is so gracious! Jesus is the Divine Physician! Praise you Father, Son and Holy Spirit! I went back the following week to check on him but he was not there. He had been released! This, in my mind, is without question a confirmation of all that was imparted at the School of Prophets to us from our loving and gracious Almighty God and Father!

3. Saturday, May 24 – Prophetic Word
I have a membership at the YMCA and had gone there to workout. I was somewhat in a hurry so I was hoping to get in and out of there quickly. You check in using a key pad and it is verified by a YMCA employee at the counter. After checking in, I heard the Lord tell me to ask this employee, a woman who I had conversed with on occasion, how her husband was doing. Given that I was in a hurry, that prompting seemed odd to me, but I felt it was indeed from the Lord. She had told me on one of our previous conversations, several months earlier, how her husband had had some medical issues that became the impetus for him going back to church. Apparently, he was now doing better and they were attending church together. It all seemed good. Then she said how she had had such a terrible day by having been in an automobile accident earlier in the day which she was cited for. She had “t-boned’ another vehicle in the middle of an intersection but nobody was seriously hurt. She shared how she wanted to come to work to hopefully get her mind off what had happened but interestingly, there we were talking about it! I felt prompted to ask if I could pray for her and she heartily agreed. At this moment another employee came up to where we were standing and asked if she could join us. As we prayed, the Lord began to give some prophetic words about her relationship with Him as her loving Father, as well as, perfectionism in her. She was weeping. The other employee seemed somewhat incredulous as she kept murmuring how this was right on and how could I know this ‘stuff.’ I went to work out and began to receive a list of scripture passages. I told the Lord, if she is standing at the counter by herself when I get ready to leave, I would take this as a sign He want me to pray with her again. I finished my workout, I looked up, and sure enough she is standing by herself behind the counter. I told her I had gotten some scripture passages for her and she wrote them down. Then I was prompted to tell her to stand up on her desk. [That is what I was getting from the Lord for her to do. Yikes!] She looked at me for a few moments and said nothing. Then she said, ‘Right here, right now.’ I said, “Yes.” She got up on the desk and I asked her if things looked different from up there. She said, ‘Yes.’ Then I told her that I believed the Lord wanted her to know that His perspective is not her perspective. She then began to tell me how her dad had left the family when she was two years old and she had always felt that if she were not perfect that God the Father would leave her. It was pretty amazing! All that the Lord had revealed earlier was, at that moment, coming together! She continued to weep. When I saw her about ten days later, she told me how the scripture passages were ministering to her and how she was seeing things now from a different perspective. God is so good, gracious and full of compassion all of the time. I see all of this as a direct result of having attended the School of Prophets: the impartation for a release of the gifts I can personally testify to!