Word to Witch Hunters

Word to witch hunters


For too long now in the church, witch hunters have been tolerated. This is the time that the Holy Spirit will be exposing the witch hunters for their recklessness and their cruelty. Those who move about within the body of Christ, on a witch hunt, looking for who they can criticize and slander and cut out from the flock, those with unholy agendas who have been used by the enemy to hurt and destroy those around them who are most wounded, even in the name of holiness and uncovering the demonic. These witch hunters are being compelled, not by love, but by suspicion, criticism and self-protection. The “red scare“, spiritual McCarthyism, is coming to an end, and when the spirit of witch hunting is exposed and witch hunters are called to repentance, all of heaven and the church will burst out in wild applause. Those of you who are compelled to be witch hunters and persecutors in the name of righteousness, if you don’t repent in these days, when God is doing so much, you will die at your own hands, spiritually.