Word given on Rosh Hashanah

September 30, 2011


We are coming into a season of harvest.  Many will harvest the promises and proclamations.  Those who have been harvested and winnowed by the Holy Spirit and have been to the threshing floor will be accelerated into the purposes of God for their lives.

Those who fear is it too late for you, you need to know that we are coming into a season of “The God of Another Chance.”  It is a time of extravagant grace for those whose hearts are late to race for the glory of God.

Your fate for this next season is only sealed by your desires and actions.  This is a time of extreme favor and opportunity.  Satan has told you that your opportunity has passed you by.  When will you ever learn that he is a liar, even the Father of Lies?  The door called “The Opportunity of the Lord” is yet open to you.

Enter into this remarkable season of fulfillment and fullness.  In this season many will eat the fish’s head.  They will fulfill their destiny, which can only happen as they become the head and not the tail.  They will shake off the spirit of defeat, abandonment and rejection, and will rise up into their Blood bought place.

Promises that seemed to have died, even by our own fault, will come to pass, even if God has to raise them from the dead.

In this season many will move from watchers to winners.  This will be a season of extraordinary grace and favor.  Others will be moved by your story.

This will be a time of sweetness where you will be the head and not the tail.  Many will take off the rags of guilt and shame that they have worn for years and put on the robe of righteousness, and the garments of praise.

In this coming season love for the Bridegroom will grow in the bride and give birth to the fear of the Lord. This holy awe will be the vehement flame of the Lord capturing and consuming our hearts to the burning stage of union with His.

This is going to be a time of not just more, but much more.  Many will come into the extreme liberty and extreme obedience.  They will find the joy and release of utter helplessness before their God.  Jesus as King – Jesus’ kingdom will move from head to heart.

People will move from struggle to simplicity and rest in their obedience.  They will become supernatural lovers, who will have the spirit of the widow and her mite.  The will give their last to the least; their all to the small.  They will find rivers of anointing flowing out of their bleeding hearts.

During this time the harvest, the glory and the power of God will overtake our sowing.  Jesus will be immersing (baptizing people) into the baptism called “The Character of Christ.”

Solutions from God for impossible things will happen out of nowhere.  It will be a time of launching out into.  The way up will be down, and the way out will be in.

The beauty of the Lord will be our song.  We will dance the two-step of the two great commandments.  There will be lots of children coming home.

Crisis after crisis will continue to spring up in nations.  God is after ashes.  Every nation on this earth has been seeded with intercession.  The earth will continue to tremble as Jehovah breaks open the fallow ground.