Window Shopping 4/18/12

I heard the Lord say this morning, “It’s time to stop window shopping. It’s time to stop living on the edges of reality.” Many of us have spent most of our lives window shopping the presence, heart, and purposes of God. It’s time to stop. Many of us have lived on the edges of the reality of the Glory of God, without plunging in. It’s time to take the plunge, and enter into the Glory Cloud, and purpose to live there. Window shoppers are forever gazing on things they long for, but won’t pay the price to obtain it for ourselves. It’s time to lay down the fear and obtain that Glory, that intimate Presence, that extravagant Destiny, that Heartbeat of Jesus forever ringing in your ear. On the Mount of Transfiguration the three enter into the cloud of Glory. They didn’t just stand on the edge of glory with curiosity and longing, they entered in. The Cloud is here. It has come down like a fog, in response to the praises of the One Thing Warrior Worshippers. They have made it easy for us. Go through the door. Run to the Cloud. Once captured, there will no escape from the furnace of His burning heart.