What God Is Doing With His Bride 08/03/2017

We find ourselves in a season in this country, the USA, where there is so much division and battle about our government; so many things that people agree with and disagree with.  It’s really the closest thing to civil war, and I don’t mean that in terms of people taking up guns, but emotionally, spiritually, and politically, that we have seen since the 19th century.  So I think what is important for us to never forget as Christians, is that what God is first and foremost about this season is preparing His bride. There is a governmental figure here and that is really the focus of God’s attention, and it’s not somebody that lives in Washington, D.C.

Now I’m not saying that God’s not using some people in Washington or doesn’t desire to use people in Washington, or that our prayers don’t effect that and how they can impact the lives of people, the reality of the spread of the kingdom.  I’m all for that.  I’ve spoken about that before prophetically.   But I’m saying that we can get so distraught by being so focused on the news that we don’t really understand the news that is going on behind the scenes.

What the Lord kept saying to me this morning is that, there is a governmental figure that the Lord is obsessed with and He is obsessed with seeing that governmental figure come through in a way that is pleasing to Him, prepared for the future, and that is the bride of Christ.  I use the word governmental figure because the scripture says we are His bride and we are seated in heavenly places with Him and that we will reign with Him as His bride throughout all of eternity.  So make no mistake about it, the bride of Christ is not just a relationship of affection, the God-so-loved-the-world kind of affection that He has for us, but the bride of Christ will rule and reign with Him.

One of the things that is happening now is God is training us to rule and reign.  A lot is going on around us, again, that we can pray into, pray for, cast our vote, do all that kind of thing that’s important, but what we are to be praying into is what is God doing with His bride.  I believe that God is using a lot of external pressures, a lot of confusion on the earth, a lot of conflict to bring His bride into the crucible of transformation; that He has placed her on the wheel again so that the Potter can make the clay that is the bride of Christ, into the glorious manifestation of the likeness of the Bridegroom, so that she will be able to carry forth the mandate of this great revival that He will usher in, the full expression of the kingdom of God.

So again, I believe the crucible, the pressure, or the conflict may appear in Washington or local government, but what God is really after more than anything else, what you need to be most concerned with, is what God is doing with His church.  This is a time where God is training His bride to be an overcomer and He is using the conflict and the confusion to help us rediscover our true identity in Christ as His bride so that we, once again start carrying out, or maybe for the first time fully carry out, His agenda on the earth.   We will reign and rule with Him forever.