Volcanoes 7/13/11

The Lord showed me that there was going to be numerous volcanic eruptions in this prophetic season as a sign that we are reaching the boiling point spiritually concerning the purposes of God. We are going to see explosive eruptions of the activity of God in signs and wonders. The compassionate heart of Christ will no longer be held back. Behind the scenes and under the surface there has been for years the activity of violent holy intercession and prophetic declarations that have brought things to this point. This boiling point. The enemy is desperate and is going to throw the kitchen sink at the saints to get them to back off. To SINK. He is going to bring ashes down on the saints, but he will fail, for many will rise up like the Phoenix out of their ashes, and in resurrection power, become the Overcomers they were called to be crying out with new unsinkable resolve to see the boiling over of the activity of God the whole world is longing for.