Update on the word “The Big One”

Encouragement for all you Intercessors

A dear friend helped me realize something today. I got a word titled The Big One on 9/13. I gave a bunch of words to Someone to type up for me. Things slipped up on her and I didn’t get the words back to post until almost November. I almost didn’t post it because it was too late in the Hurricane season. You can read the update that I gave when I finally decided, out of obedience, to post it. Not many days later the storm hit Alaska. It was referred to as The Big One in the news, and a Bering Sea Hurricane, with winds up to 135 mph. The destruction predicted was to be almost catastrophic. In the end, the damage was bad, but not nearly what they were bracing for. I realize now that this was the fulfillment of that word, and that the damage wasn’t as bad because people were praying about The Big One. I would never had realized all this if my friend hadn’t brought to my attention to the name The Big One, and Hurricane given to the storm by the media. He remembered my word. Cool stuff. Prophecies are not nearly so much about the word given, but the opportunity given to people who hear the word to co-labor with God in shaping human history.