Update Ireland 1/22/12

Update Ireland
In the last week or week and a half, God has really put Ireland on my heart and I’ve got a real burden for Ireland. Even though I’ve not known what it was about, I’ve prayed and posted on Aslan Roars and celled for people to be in prayer for Ireland. I discovered last night what I believe is the reason God put Ireland on my heart and is calling for us to pray for Ireland. Just recently, the European Court for Human Rights posted a decree that would threaten Ireland’s laws that forbid abortion. As a result of this, the government of Ireland has appointed an Expert Council, a committee made up of 14 people who were to give recommendations to Ireland concerning their policies and laws about abortion. The problem is that at this point, 4 of the people who were appointed to that committee, have a history of being pro-choice. There are many in Ireland who feel this is a critical time and Ireland’s consistent stand against abortion could be threatened because of what the European Court has done and because of the people who have been planted on the Irish Expert Council that’s supposed to give recommendations to the Irish government. As you know, over the years, there’s been a continual onslaught for the Irish to change their policy. Planned Parenthood in America has played a significant role in that and other European countries have put pressure on Ireland. So I believe the reason God put Ireland on my heart is because this is such an important issue. We need to pray that somehow, God will weed out these people who are being placed on this Expert Council, or at least, that He would close their mouths and limit their influence in the Council’s recommendation to the Irish government and for the government’s final conclusion to be to continue to stand for life. Pray for Ireland.