Update. European Hurricanes 12/911

I got ths word on 9/13 and posted it on 10/14.
This is an UPDATE.

This week Scottland, Ireland, and England were hit with a storm from the Sea that brought winds as high as 165mph in Scottland. That is a high catagory 4 hurricane if this were a hurricane. That is just 10 degrees from being a category 5 storm. 165mph is a good bit higher than Katrina was. God is moving.

European Hurricane 9/13/11
I believe that the Lord showed me that over the next 6 or 7 months there are going to be European hurricanes.  They are going to come against the western coast of Europe, along the western shores of Europe.  God is allowing this to happen to proclaim prophetically, as a sign that the wind of the spirit is blowing against the coast.  God is saying that he wants Europe to welcome the wind of the Holy Spirit.  For all of Western Europe, that wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing, and He wants Western Europe to receive the wind of God.  I believe that these are going to be record setting European hurricanes.  They may not be called hurricanes, but they will defiantly have the force of hurricanes.