The Time For Prayer Is Now Intensified

What I’m saying to you now is not political or an endorsement of anyone’s behavior, whether I agree or disagree with what they do or don’t do.

The Lord showed me really clearly that a lot of people prayed for the presidential election and for someone to be elected who would promote a higher level of the reality and principles of the kingdom of God.  Sometimes what happens after elections is that Christians will stop praying as much.  But I really believe that God showed me, and I’m sure this is not a new word, others have said it, that the time for prayer for the president is now intensified.  Regardless if you like him, his personality, or his sometimes combative ways (This again is not a political statement. I am not political.) the Lord showed me that this president is more vulnerable to being influenced by the prayers of the church than almost any other president in American history.

Now I believe that is true because he is not necessarily an ideologue, and he has lots of people speaking into him. There are lots of believers around him and there are some that may not be believers who have sheer political agendas, but he is very open to things, and though he has such a strong personality, right now he is very mold-able and very flexible in terms of the directions that he moves in and in terms of prayers ability to affect him, even if he doesn’t know it. I believe that the prayers of the church can influence him step by step.

And so the word is PRAY.  Pray every day for the decisions that have to be made so that the prayers that happen in secret will impact that which occurs in public.  We know throughout history, battles and countries and nations and all kinds of things have been affected because of the intercession that has taken place in the secret place which has so empowered the public arena. Leaders have made decisions throughout history that were pro-kingdom decisions and they didn’t even realize why they made them, but they made them because the army of God, in prayer, conquered human thoughts and wills.

I believe this president is uniquely vulnerable to being moved and directed through the prayers of the people influencing him to make decisions that are for the kingdom, maybe more so than any other president that we have ever had in our history. (Not that he is more godly compared to other presidents; it’s just that he is more vulnerable.)  His success or failure in promoting principles of the kingdom, things that honor God is, in a lot of ways, more on us as the church than on him.  It is our responsibility to intercede as the church that carries influence in the hidden realm.  That excites me because I know I can have an impact that is even more important that a vote.  I’m casting a vote in the spirit that carries influence and impact in a man’s life who is making decisions that affect the whole world.

So let’s go after it!  Let’s do it!