The Spirit of Diocletian

I believe the Lord showed me that the enemy has released the spirit of Diocletian on the Earth, but especially in the USA. Diocletian ordered the worst and longest persecution of Christians in Rome’s history. It began in 303 and ended in 311. After the 8 years of terror, he revoked the order because it simply didn’t work. The Church only grew bigger, stronger and with greater resolve than ever before. The end result was that the Church had its fist ecumenical council in 315, where many maimed and crippled leaders met together in unity, and in 325 Constantine became Emperor, and declared Christianity the religion of the Empire. Diocletian therefore, actually served the purposes of God by preparing the Church for what God was about to do which resulted in great harvest. These are interesting times in the world and particularly this nation. Pray, but don’t fear. GOD WINS. The foolishness of the enemy always serves the purposes of God.