The Season of Unearthing the Power of God 5/2/12

When I got this word, I thought it was just a local word, but I’ve come to realize it is more than that.
The Lord said to me that we were entering into a time called, “The season of unearthing the power of God.” What I saw and heard, was something beneath the surface of rich soil that has been nurtured with intercession, and true worship. I then heard great thunder coming from the throne room of God, and I saw great bolts of lightening striking the rich soil, which caused this plant, called The Power of God, to break forth into full view. Many people who had been hanging around hoping, and waiting for the great plant to emerge, gathered around the plant and worshiped God for the long expected plant. They weren’t worshiping the plant, But God who provided the plant. It’s the heart of the Husbandman that was on their lips.
In this season, we will begin to see the extravagant demonstrations of God’s power manifesting all over the world. We will particularly see the Power Plant of God impacting Industrialized Nations, who for lack of being poor in spirit, have so lagged behind third world countries in the experience of the signs and wonders of The Kingdom of God. This is a huge plant that will eventually cover the Earth, with healing in its shadow. When you see it, run to it, and praise the heart of the Husbandman, from whose powerful affections for man, the great plant has its origin.