The Month of Nisan

The month of Nisan began at sundown on the 11th of March, and will end at sundown on the 10th of April. Nisan is the first month of the Jewish sacred calendar, and therefore is the true spiritual Head of the year. It is the Arch-Month, much like the wedding in Cana was the Arch-Miracle that speaks into every miracle about God’s heart and ways. Appropriately, Passover and Easter always dominate this month. Here are a few things to look for and contend for during Nisan.

The Patriarch and tribe assosiated with Nisan is Judah. Judah means “to give thanks; to praise; to worship.” Of course Jesus comes fom the Tribe of Judah. The stone of Judah is the Sardius. It is deep red, and Jesus is described as having the appearance of Sardius in Revelation 4. Sardius speaks of deep, fiery passion, and wholeheartedness. It was the first stone on the High Priest’s breastplate. During this month expect to deeply encounter His fiery wholeheartedness, in His love for you, and expect for your heart to ripen into a wholehearted, sturdy, steadfast, deep love for Him. This is the month of the first of the Barley harvest. Barley is the hearty, sturdy grain, that survives anything. First Love, and First Commandment month.
It’s during this time that the door is extra wide open for you to tabernacle in His presence and become, at a deeper level, a true worshipper, and adorer; an enduring Lover. It’s a milk and honey time. Milk and honey will be under your tongue as you emerge from this time. You will have the best of Jesus on your lips.

The word ‘Nisan’ comes from the word ‘Miracle,’ and Jews refer to this month as “Miracles of Miracles.” Therefore expect BIG ONES this month, especially that One you’ve been looking for, for a long time. It’s the great month of deliverance, redemption, and renewal. It is when God brings His people out of bondage and slavery, and into New Life and freedom. Expect great victories over sin and bondage. Expect to finally get free from the BIG ONE. It’s a time to come out of the wilderness and into the Promised Land. Breakthrough victories and and coming into internal rest in the midst of battles. Time for advancing and taking ground, instead going around in circles and never progressing.

Shifting of Leadership

Speech and speaking is important. Look for open doors to share your faith, and relationship with Jesus. Don’t turn down any opportunities to share, teach, or preach.

Next 7 days are very important.

The numbers 1, 22, and 4 will be prevalent, and very important. 1= speaking of unity, uniqueness, holiness, first (like first love). 22= SUDDENLIES, 4= out of season.

Special anointing for the healing of the limbs of the body, and particularly the Right Foot.