The Month of Iyar (pronounced eeYarh)

This is very late being posted, but the Holy Spirit kept urging me to post it.

This month ends at sundown May 11th.
This is a time to know an extraordinary anointing to begin to build your own personal Secret Place of personal prayer and adoration. It’s a brick by brick time. Even if you’ve never known the discipline to build a consistent devotional life, now is the time.
During this month both the first and second temples were begun.
During this month the walls of Jerusalem began to be rebuilt.
It’s time to restore the temple of your own devotional life and rebuild the walls that have been torn down in spiritual warfare. Once the walls get torn down (compromises in sin) the temple is easy to get to.
Walls (holiness) being rebuilt. Temples being built.
There is a grace to start and sustain your prayer life. We will go no higher than our our adoration.
Ecclesiastes talks about a “Grinders Anointing.” It’s that holy grace to just consistently seek Him day by day for the long haul.
Manna began to fall during Iyar. It’s time to get daily Manna from God. Manna from Heaven will be the Grinders reward. It is the Month of Barley harvest and offering. Barley is the hearty grain that can endure all weather. It is the hearty heart. The steadfast love anointing that comes to the Grinder. It is the hearty, durable love for God. Mature, consistent passion for God, not just spiritual puppy love. It will lead you to a new Pentecost. New anointing for ministry to others. It will just come to the Grinder. This is God’s absolute promise.
It’s a time to begin blossoming. Sow. Sow. Sow!!!
It’s a time to get wisdom from Godly council time. If you’ve been stuck, ask God to show you ‘Who’, and they will have a special grace to show you ‘How.’
Issachar is the tribe. He was called to lead the people of God to the mountain of God to offer sacrifices of praise. Great anointing on Worship Leaders to come forth to a new level of adoration. A release to write new psalms before the Lover of their souls. Watch worship leaders emerge into the Heavenlies.
A time for new income. Steady income that will last.
God will speak a lot through numbers.
Count things. Be diligent. It will lead to release. Take account. This is financial.
The number 2 and 8 are particularly important
Special anointing for kidneys to be healed and any renal condition.