The Energy Never Dies

The energy never dies, E.N.D.


There is an anointing being released to help propel the body of Christ to fulfill their destinies and accomplish their purposes in their time on the earth. This anointing is called the energy never dies, e.n.d, the energy never dies. It’s the anointing to finish until the very end of your life on this earth with the energy that never dies.

Too often, the citizens of the kingdom of heaven spend their years wasting away, drained of energy and never seeing their holy dreams completely fulfilled. There is an anointing, if you will receive it, that contains the energy of angels. In this world of warfare, many grow weary fighting the good fight, and lose the spirit of curiosity, adventure and holy battle. The Lord says to us, “Did I not say that I would renew your strength like an eagle? Did I not say, ‘though your outer man in this fallen world will experience decay, your inner man will be renewed, filled with life, supernatural energy, day by day?’”

You will see myriads of creative spirits, spirit-filled warriors, running to the very end with the energy of angels, making their mark and crying out for more, even in their last breath. This anointing is being released on the whole body of Christ, for those who receive it, in whatever tradition and whatever expression of the church they are part of. But it’s important to know that this anointing has been there all along and it’s been given to you in the meal, the Eucharist, where the bread of angels filled with supernatural energy and supernatural life is available when you come to the table with a receiving, believing heart for the release of the anointing.