The Determination of The Lord

While ministering today a word dropped in my spirit that I knew was a word for more than just the people there. The Holy Spirit said “Its Time for the Determination of the Lord”.

Many of you who have exhausted yourselves under the Determination of Sincerity, are going to transition into The Detremination of The Lord. Out of sincere devotion, and out of sincere love of God you have determined to walk with Him this time without falling back even an inch. You are determined to do His will, and please Him. You are determined to win over the power of sin this time. You are determined to follow and serve Him without any hiccups. You’ve found new keys, new secrets, new strategies, new commitment to go the distance. You read a book, or heard a tape, or went to a conference. The only problem is, your are already losing strength, and having some of the old thoughts. You are tired and afraid that the old up and down patterns will just keep repeating themselves. This is a time where you are going to discover the ultimate key, the greatest secret, the only successful strategy, and it’s called JESUS. You are going to discover the power and freedom of surrendering to, and resting in The Determination of the Lord. Jude24 says, “Now to Him who is able to keep you from falling away, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy,”
Many will discover the reality of the strength of the lord, and His Dtermination to keep you, and sustain your walk. You are discovering that sincerity is not enough. You need ability. You are going to discover the Ability of The Lord to live a holy, and victorious life. Your walk with Him is going to take on a supernatural quality. You want live with a constant state of being blamed by the enemy. Instead you are going enter into the great joy of living consistently in the presence of His glory. Oh, the release and the freedom of being sustained by The Determination of The Lord. It’s your time.