The Blessing of Perez 2/20/17

You will fulfill your destiny!

I release to you the blessing and anointing of Perez and I ask you to add your faith to that so that you will begin to believe that you will be a barrier breacher and that the anointing and blessing of Perez is on your life from this point forward.

Even if it appears that you’re not going to come into the destiny that God has for you,
the fulfillment of promises God has for you,
the fulfillment of promises the scripture has for you,
even if it seems that you are having to come at those things backwards,
even if it appears, even for years, that somehow that had been stolen from you,
I break that curse off of you in Jesus’ name. 

Regardless of your situation,
Regardless of your circumstances,
Regardless of your background,
Regardless of your past,
Regardless of how long it’s been,
and even if everything seems to be going backwards instead of moving in the direction that you thought it was going to,
it IS being birthed, backwards.

The word of the Lord for you is that there is being released now the blessing and the favor of Perez on your life.  I decree to you that the favor of Perez has been released on you and your spiritual household. You will fulfill your destiny and the promises of God given to you will come to pass. You will receive and experience the inheritance, not just in heaven one day, but the promised inheritance that God has spoken about you, and His purposes for your life and your ministry in particular.

No matter the barriers or the reasons for the barriers, even barriers that you have created by your own failure, if you have a repentant heart, you will now be the breacher of barriers and begin to come into everything God has spoken to you and promised you.

It’s not about you; it’s the word of the Lord.

I bless you and I’ll be praying for you that you will know the favor, anointing and blessing of Perez in your life and everything you put your hands to.

You can view the video of Chuck Jones giving this prophetic word and related teaching on Periscope by clicking here.  You do not have to join Periscope to view the video, but if you do, you can get get up to the minute words by downloading the app that notifies you when he is giving words live.