Testimonial Letter

This note concerns the prophetic/healing ministry of Archbishop Charles Jones and his Aslan Roars Ministry Team.

Prophetic ministry is a great blessing from the Lord to the Body of Christ. We all hear great sermons and teachings but we may still feel we are just one among many others. We wonder, “Does God really care about me? Does He really know about what I am going through?”
Enter Archbishop Jones and Aslan Roars! As an individual (or as a congregation) you will experience a powerful manifestation of God’s love and care for YOU! Sometimes the messages we hear are fantastic, but it is like wearing someone else’s coat — to small or too large! But when you receive the ministry of Aslan Roars you will feel like the Lord is tailor making a ‘coat’ just for you! He knows you and is speaking to you!
I highly recommend the ministry of Aslan Roars! Their ministry will greatly impact your church and individual lives. You may be wondering, “What is the next step in my walk with Christ?” Well, this ministry is for you! Come expecting and tell others to join you. God is not silent and He wants to speak to YOU!
Aslan Roars will enlarge your heart and you will run in the path of the Lord’s commands! (Ps. 119:32)
Standing with you in Christ,
Michael B. Davidson
Bishop, Central Diocese, ICCEC
September 4, 2015