Sunken Treasures 2/26/12

Sunken treasures
The Lord showed me that this is a time to discover sunken treasures. We are in a season of great revelation. That’s true of course, in terms of the month of Shevat in the Jewish calendar, but it even extends beyond that in that we are in a time in church history where the purposes and seasons of God are just really important so the people of God don’t just understand his acts, but understand his ways as well. And so he’s revealing his heart, revealing his ways, revealing the insights of his heart to his friends, like it says in John 15, that God has been working in the hearts of his church and he has set apart those who love him and who he calls “true friends”. When you have a friend, you disclose to them the secrets of your heart and God is doing that now; he’s teaching people his ways, revealing the secrets of his heart, those things that seem to be beyond apprehension and comprehension, the Lord is now making them clear. He is equipping people in the spirit realm to search and find things that they have searched for and not found for years. Just as treasure hunters can search and search, suspect hidden treasures, but never find them for many, many years. Now the Lord has equipped the body of Christ with spiritual equipment to be able to recover sunken treasures, insights of the heart of God that may have been misplaced or have been forgotten. One of the things that God is doing is revealing ancient things, uncovering and unearthing ancient wells, sort of sunken treasures inside of truths that God has spoken to his church for 2000 years, truths that the body of Christ has laid aside. We have walked in foolishness to think that this is the only generation that has really received a true revelation of God, and that’s a great mistake for us to make that puts us in harm’s way. The reality is when God speaks the word, a prophetic word, when he speaks a prophetic insights, when he gives a revelation, it is an eternal word. Everything that comes after, unless it’s for a particular generation which the Lord will make really clear if that’s true, whenever God speaks a word, whether it’s 2000 years ago or 10 years ago, anything new he speaks builds on those words, doesn’t replace them. God is not confused, he is not tossed to and fro. The Lord is building and building; his church is the temple, it’s his building block. In Ephesians 2, he’s building something in the house of God and those building blocks are all the things he has spoken and said to his people throughout the history of the church.
What happens to us is that we have a tendency, with every move of God, to forsake those things God has spoken in the last move of God. I’ve often heard that the greatest threat to the new move of God is the past move of God. But it’s also true that the greatest threat to the past move of God is the new move of God. What I mean by that is, when we move into a new place in the Lord, God is going to give us new revelation, a fresh revelation, to build on the one we’ve heard previously. The old move and the new move shouldn’t be at war with each other. The old move shouldn’t try to constrain the new move to stay where the old move has been, and the new move shouldn’t forsake and leave behind the spirit of the fathers in the old move of God, or it will be in error, doing either thing. To advance, the old move of God has to bless the new move of God, but to move forward, the new move of God must have the old move of God to go with it to build on. That’s the way this works and yet, we’ve been at war with each other and there’s been these 2 battles going on, like the old move wants it’s way and the new move wants its way too, but they’re kin to each other, they belong to each other. They must walk together with all the ancient relatives from every move of God previously, or we won’t walk in the full revelation of God. And so we see the Lord digging up ancient wells, discovering sunken treasures like the wonders of Eucharist, many things like that, ancient treasures. It talks about them a lot in Psalm 78. It talks about God uttering dark sayings of old, which we have heard and known and our fathers have told us. It says in Psalm 78:4, “we will not conceal them from our children, but tell the generation to come the praises of the Lord and his strength and his wondrous works which he has done’. It says, “for he established the testimony of Jacob and appointed the laws of Israel which he commanded to our fathers so we would teach them to our children, that the generation to come might know them, even the children yet to be born, that they may arise and tell them to their children”.
So you see here that the old things spoken previously and the new things spoken come together, belong to each other. We can’t survive without both of them, we have to have them both. It is so significant that in this time, when we are discovering hidden treasures, they are not just fresh insights, but they are going to be insights that have been old insights and we are going to discover God bringing the two together so the church can go forward in true fullness.