Stars Fell on Alabama 6.29.13

The other day, the Lord said the stars are falling on Alabama again.  There was a famous song that was written in the 1930’s called ‘Stars fell on Alabama’, the song has been recorded by numerous artists.  The song comes from a book written in 1934 – The Night the Stars Fell – which refers to the Leonid meteor shower that occurred in November of 1933.  There were thousands of pieces of luminous bodies in every direction.  In the bible, particularly Revelation, stars are a reference to as Angels.  I believe in preparation of what God is doing in Alabama he is releasing a myriad of His Angels over Alabama once again.  Angels of revival, angels of healing, angels of holiness, angels of righteousness, angels of worship, especially angels of worship. Expect angelic activity in our churches, in our lives as God is releasing these angels like a meteor shower and is using these messengers to come and minister to his people, to prepare them and protect them in this season as we approach this great move of God.

We are once again in a season where God is releasing stars over Alabama and it is a great time to be here!