Spiritual Dunkirks

The Spirit of Dunkirk

June 2011

The Lord showed me that there are going to be a lot of miraculous escapes in this season.  Just like in the natural, the Battle of Dunkirk, and the escape of Dunkirk, where it appeared that the German army had bottled up about 400,000 allied soldiers, that over 338,000 escaped over a few day period when the Germans could have annihilated them all.  As a matter of fact, the Germans made a decision to try to reorganize their forces and they halted the battle for about three days.  If they had not done that, they could have annihilated the armies.  During the early days of the Battle of Dunkirk, when it seemed all was lost, the British government even entertained and discussed conditional surrender to Germany.  So not only did France surrender to Germany, but it came very close to the British surrendering to Germany.

There is a kind of spirit of Dunkirk being released.  There are people out there, in people’s lives, or ministries, or businesses, or situations in their lives – it could be their personal or spiritual life or some circumstance in their life – where it appears that all is lost.  There have even been discussions about that, that all is lost, nothing can be done, discussions of surrender.  But if they’ll just stand their ground, the Lord will confuse the enemy and there will be a miraculous escape.  We’re in a time where we are going to see many miraculous escapes.  If you are one of those that are experiencing your own spiritual Dunkirk, and it seems like you’re surrounded, there’s nowhere to go, and all is lost, the word of the Lord to you is, stand your ground.  God’s making a way and you will experience a miraculous deliverance.