Some weeks back, the Lord alerted me to pay attention, that an important event that was going to affect our country, was about to happen.  The next day, an important thing happened that some of you may have missed.  The S&P, which stands for Standard and Poors (which is a credit rating index) made an announcement.  They rate companies by fiscal condition but also rate countries.  Their ratings can affect the country’s ability to borrow and also the interest rate on its own debts.  They stated that the USA had a year to get its fiscal house in order or else they were going to lower our credit rating, which would greatly impact our country and every person living in this country, because it would affect how much we have to pay on the debt and our ability to borrow in the future.
It was one of those things that might appear to be insignificant and not many may have paid attetnion to it but it was a really big story.

The Lord began to speak to me and said that He has a standard for the poor and that in this time that the country has to get its fiscal house in order, that in looking at issues of debt and overspending, we were not to neglect the poor because the Lord has a standard for the poor and if we do not look out for the poor, then there will a real judgment that will come on the United States that could be disastrous.
In some ways, it does not make sense because those who are very conservative are saying that the only way we can get control of our fiscal house, is to limit the entitlements (those things that seem to be driving us deeper in debt).  But the Lord says He will give wisdom to the leaders, enabling them to get a hold on the fiscal situation, as long as they remember the poor, making them a priority.  The Lord has a heart for the poor.  God has a special heart for the afflicted.  If we ignore those that are on the top of His list, then we can expect Him to ignore us at some level, as we are crying out to Him for mercy and grace for our country, and the situations we deal with as a country.
And the bottom line of this word is that God has a standard for the poor and while trying to find solutions to the problems we have, God will supernaturally give us those answers if we don’t rely on “soul”-utions (i.e, answers that seem reasonable and practical) and hold up His standard of taking care of the poor.