Solar Eclipse 6/3/12

The Lord showed me that some of you are experiencing a solar eclipse; specifically an Annular Solar Eclipse. A solar eclipse of course is when the moon comes between the earth and the sun and darkens the sun. An annular eclipse is when the moon covers the sun, but is smaller and therefore leaves a ring of fire shinning around the moon. Some of you have been suddenly hit with a darkened feeling that the light light has gone out. You weren’t looking for it, and it wasn’t expected. Just out of nowhere is seems the light has gone out and your heart seems cold. Be of good cheer, this is just an attack to get burning ones to get discouraged and panic. The light hasn’t gone out out. There is still a ring of fire about you. Just as the moon passes from being in front of the sun, so will this time soon pass. Don’t be introspective and dig around. Just restfully wait. trusting the Lord. IT WILL PASS. It’s just a Blue Moon sent by the enemy. Don’t fear, God is teaching you to stand in battle, because there are important fights ahead. What you learn from this blue moon will come in handy.