Silver Tsunami 4/18/12

Yesterday, there was a headline on Fox News that said, “Silver Tsunami.” It was about how many Seniors will be driving in the days to come, and it’s dangers. I have received a number of words over the last year or so about the place of the mature in age in this emerging move of God. One was called Seniority Citizens. I encourage you to look that one up. When I saw the headline yesterday the Lord began to speak to me again about the role of those over fifty in the purposes of God at this strategic time in Church history. The Silver people will be radically involved in this growing Tsunami of God, and they will wreck a lot of people’s lives for Jesus. These are all children of the late 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s. These are the Rockers, and they will rock the world for Jesus. They are the great surfer generation. It’s where all the legends come from. They know how to surf. It’s the generation that challenged the norm, the status quo, and they will again. They will shake off the fear of the Silver generations before them, and they will die risking it all for the pleasure of His Pleasure. God is certainly revealing a Silver Tsunami people all over the world. If you are over fifty, don’t dare give in to the culture of retirement. There is an anointing on you to ride the Big One. It’s the best years of our lives.