Shingles Healed – Testimony

Healing Testimony from the March 2016 Fullness Conference in Birmingham, AL

[Fr. Dan is a member of the Aslan Roars ministry team and ministered at the conference.]

God did so many wonderful miracles at the Fullness conference.  What fun it was!  Of course, to me, one of the best miracles was when several people gathered around me at Monday Eucharist to prayed for me and God instantly killed the shingles virus that was wreaking havoc with the left side of my face.  Most people complain of weeks of intense pain with shingles.  I had about 2 days of pain.  The blisters on the skin are almost gone, too!  I love giving the healing power of God, but my confess that it is so cool to be on the receiving end, too!

Cn Dan Whitt +
Charismatic Episcopal Church of the Messiah Charlotte, NC