Shifts are back in style

On Friday night the 17th the Lord gave me a word about shifting. Lots of shifting going on around the world, not just in the secular. It was a pretty long word. I will post more about it in the days to come. Be on the alert for a lot of seismic activity, landslides, mudslides, and avalanches as a sign in the natural of this time of shifting. Beginning that night there have been 63 earthquakes of 4.7 magnitude or greater. A lot will be around the Ring of Fire, but some will show up in unusual places. Today Missouri had a 4.0 earthquake. The mudslides in the America will also speak about this election year where there will be a record amount of mudslinging. God will use this to cause the people of America to become disgusted with what they see and hear, and they will begin to long for something different. Shifting. Remember, the Lord said last Spring that He is bringing everything into order. The shifting, no matter how sketchy it make look is all a part of that.