Shevat 1/28/13

We are once again in the Jewish month of Shevat. It started on Jan.12, and ends on Feb.10th. Here are some facts. It is the 11th month in the Jewish sacred calendar. Asher is the Patriarch associated with Shevat, and He is the 8th child of Jacob. His name means “With my happiness.” The tribe of Asher was a prosperous tribe, historically not dependent on others. They prospered in the olive and olive oil business. Jacob’s blessing over Asher is that he would eat Royal Dainties, Gen.49:20. It’s called the month of Fat Bread. It is the month of new trees. It’s the month of songs, especially the Song of Miriam, and Deborah. It is the transition month of moving out of Winter and into the Beginning of Spring. The first signs of Spring begin to appear. It’s a time of connections. Blue/green is the color. Special anointing for Esophageal, and stomach healings. The prophetic number is 15.

Now what is God saying?

1. 11th month. The “It’s about time” month. Many of you have labored in faith for many seasons about certain promises, or have felt stuck in a place, physically, or emotionally or spiritually, and during Shevat you will come out of that pace, and see fulfillment or the beginning of fulfillment, and you will declare “IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!”
2. 8 is the number of New Beginnings, and Shevat is the month of transition from winter to spring. Many of you will transition out winter into the Spring of New Beginnings. Expect new starts. New jobs. New assignments. New emotions. New relationships.
3. Fifteen is the number of Resurrection and Rest. Many will experience resurrections in your souls, in your ministries, in your vocations, in relationships, etc. things that were dead or dormant will come alive. This is also a time when you will come into rest; a new place of settled faith and confidence in the promises and faithfulness of God. This is especially true for those suffering from serious, and even clinical anxiety and depression. God is resurrecting holy happiness so that like Asher, you can once again do what you are called to “with your happiness.”
4. This will be a time of Spirit oiled prosperity. It will come suddenly, by the Holy Spirit. Gifts and Holy surprises in the realm of your finances.
5. A time of great revelation, Fat Bread, royal Dainties. Seek The Lord. Get in His word. It will be easy to hear Him. He will give great insights. Sit at His feet. He will fill you with precious things even as you are on the go. This is an “eyes to see,” and “ears to hear” time.
6. Time for song writers to write songs, especially songs of new life, new hope, coming out of the Winter, victory, and resurrection. Real anointing being released for new songs. Expect the release of new music.
7. A time for connections. That’s all about people, relationships, and partnerships, even in business.
8. Blue/Green. Heavenly flow from the Holy Spirit (blue) causing growth (green). The depths of God plunging those who long for it into the depths of His heart. Being baptized into the Endless Sea of the Love of God.
9. Special anointing for esophageal and stomach healing
10. Special for those who have longed to begin a lifestyle of heathy eating.
11. Many will begin to live by the Tree of Life (Jesus) and reject living by the Tree of human wisdom and strength.
12. These promises are absolutely true for all, but there is a powerful release for women. All you ladies, contemplate the songs of Miriam, and Deborah.

Claim these words, if any of them bear witness to you.They are invitations. Own them.