Shamelessness 7/24/12

We are in a season where the Holy Spirit is teaching people to live shamelessly before their God. A Bride can’t dance with her Bridegroom when her heart is chained to a spirit of shame. The Bride will rise up in these days from the ashes of condemnation and live confident in the love of the Lover of her Soul. So many continue in the conversation with the evil one about the sincerity of their hearts, and the sacrifice of shame they must offer on the altar of acceptance so that God might believe in them again. The Holy Spirit is revealing the true nature of God’s heart in our day. He doesn’t delight in our shame. He delights in Unchanging Love. Many will discover in these days that because God is perfect He doesn’t have to be a perfectionist. Because He is perfect, He is able to forgive when we wouldn’t. He is able to accept when we just couldn’t because we are too afraid to be hurt. People are going to see the Cross in a new light, realizing that God has never been afraid to be hurt in His love for us. The Bride will be breaking out her dancing shoes to dance in celebration with Him in the spirit of Zephaniah 3:17, over His great love over her. Can you imagine this age that we are coming into where the Bride won’t be dancing FOR Him, trying to earn his favor, but will dance WITH Him in confidence of His love and favor.