10/21/11 Shaking Japan

Pray for Japan  (7-28-11)

 Add to this some kind of political or leadership drama in the days ahead

Yesterday I got this word from the Lord, that He was going to continue to shake Japan from many different directions.  The purpose of His shaking is to bring Japan to a place where the heart of Japan is open to the gospel.  All that Japan has gone through so far, and more that Japan is going to go through is rendering the people vulnerable, and they are seeking spiritual answers like never before.  Of course, all those answers are empty unless they are found in Jesus.  Japan, for a number of reasons, and national pride, has been resistant to the gospel for many, many centuries.  But the Lord is determined to get Japan’s attention and to make Japan’s heart vulnerable to the gospel and to Jesus.  We should also pray that God would raise up people in positions of authority who have given their lives to Christ.  Pray that God would even raise up a prime minister who would be converted to Christianity, or an emperor who has come to saving faith in Christ.  Pray that God would raise up spiritual leaders who have a passion for Jesus and are full of courage.  God is shaking Japan and will continue to do so until Japan’s heart is made vulnerable and desperate for Jesus.