Self Denial 4/3/12

I saw in a vision people being led up to a fence by Angels. The Angels were wanting the people to look over the fence and see what was on the other side. On the other side of the fence was a beautiful, and bountiful land with rivers of mingled milk and honey flowing through it. I have never seen a more beautiful place. The people who were looking at this land that flowed with milk and honey were standing in a wilderness place. They were ancient, and worn looking. I asked the Lord what I was seeing, and He said that these were people who lived lives of self denial, not the denial of self, who had lived hidden away in the wilderness. They had lived many years unwilling to face the truth about their flesh. they had lived in denial for so long it seemed as if they were chained, and unable to face, and live in the truth. He said, “I am giving them the opportunity give up their self protection for all of His provision. The fence was called VULNERABLE. He is giving them a chance to gaze on His provision of life lived in the Land of Promise, longing to lure them to cross over the fence of vulnerable repentance, to live in the place of transparent freedom and joy. May the revelation of life more abundant overwhelm the spirit of self protection that has deceived many into believing that the wilderness is a safe place. I saw many laying down the chains of denial, and taking the merciful, and loving nail scarred of Christ, who was on the other side, and being lifted over into their land of favor and destiny.