Route 66 (6.6 Earthquakes)

I got this word about 3 weeks ago. THIS IS AN UPDATE

Earthquake. Magnitude: 6.6
Location: Santa Cruz Islands

Time: Sun, Jan 8, 2012 10:07:16 PM CST
GMT: Mon, Jan 9, 2012 04:07:16 GMT

Latitude: 10° 33′ 24″ S (-10.5569°)
Longitude: 165° 9′ 35″ E (165.1598°)
Depth: 24.2 mi

“I gave a word today about God being in a shaking mood. At 9:21 this morning Russia had a 6.6 earthquake. The #66 is the #for travailing. Isiah 66 talks about travailing for the purposes of God to be birthed. All the shaking going on in the earth, whether it be geological, meteriological, geopolitical are prophetic signs of the travailing and shaking going on in the hearts of people that have been crying out for the Move of God we so desperately need. There will be much shaking going on in the earth. There will other 6.6 quakes as God is telling us what road to travel down to reach our destination; to reach His destiny for us. It’s route 66. The road of travailing until we see the purposes of God fully birthed