Rhythmic Dancing

Word on rhythmic dancing
In the first part of April, I had a vision that lasted a few days, and I still get it occasionally now of Jesus doing rhythmic dancing. Like you see in the Olympics. He was doing this rhythmic dancing and inviting his people to dance with Him. But what He was saying was “If you want to dance with me, you have got to find your rhythm“, because Jesus dances in rhythm. All of us have to find our own rhythm in terms of our own personal relationship with Jesus. What our prayer life looks like, what our devotional life looks like, what our service to Him looks like. And my rhythm is not going to be like everybody else’s rhythm. One of the problems people have is they never find their rhythm because they try to do somebody else’s rhythm and they feel guilty all the time, because they can’t do it, but it’s important that they find their own rhythm.
And when you find your rhythm, it’s like sowing, and when you sow, you reap. What the Lord said is, if you will find your rhythm and stay in rhythm, and just be consistent with your rhythm, then it’s like constantly sowing into the presence of God, the glory of God and the power of God. If we start doing that, we will start to reap multiple harvests, not just one harvest a year, but multiple harvests of the activity of God and the glory of God in our lives.
He is saying that if we will get in rhythm and stay in rhythm, that a lot of times, we can look back on our lives and we can remember there was a time when we got into a rhythm about something, we prayed consistently about something that was a burden in our heart, and that it was like sowing seed, and though the seed may not have come up immediately, if we look back, we will realize that incredibly, after a few months, a few seasons, after a period of time, that thing that we asked God for really began to manifest itself in our ministry or in our life. What the Lord wants us to do is to sow in rhythm, so that we never stop sowing into the purposes of God, never stop sowing into the intentions of God, into the presence and the glory and power of God, and if we will just sow, if we will just get into rhythm, find out what our rhythm is, and be consistent, we will start having multiple harvests, not just look back and see where God did something once in the last year, or in the last few years, because we found a rhythm for a season, but we will have multiple harvests and not only multiple harvests, but the harvests will overtake us. We are just moving into one harvest, then the next harvest comes, and sometimes we are walking in multiple harvests at the same time, in the activity and the glory of God.
So the key to this is to ask the Lord to show you your rhythm. Because if we are going to dance with Jesus, if we are going to move with Him, and if we are going to harvest the activity of God and the glory of God, if we are going to have multiple harvests of the activity and glory of God, we must find our rhythm so we can dance with Jesus.