Retro One Thing 01/01/2013

One of the primary longing, of the Human heart is the longing to belong. We all long to belong to someone who sees us as special. Your Bridegroom King saw you as so special that He stepped out of eternity into time, and gladly gave up His own life, just so you would belong to Him. His ravished, lovesick heart is so pleased to have you that He will never let you go. There is nothing you could ever do to make Him love you more than He does right now, and there is nothing you can ever do to make Him stop loving you. You might displease Him, and grieve His very heart, but He is captivated by your beauty and He is forever imprisoned by His love for you.

The whole book of the Song of Solomon is committed to this truth, and it’s message is at the heart of the good news of the gospel. Jesus is desperately, and eternally in love with you, and wants you to live deeply knowing, and openly declaring that you are His favorite. For Him to have traveled so far, and to have paid such a price, there must be something extraordinarily wonderful about you. In S.S. 4:7, He says “You are all together beautiful my darling, and there is no blemish in you.” Wow! That is so crazy.

When we look at our lives, we see so many blemishes but He is so blinded by His great love for us that He sees us forever as His ravishing Bride who will always be His Rose, His Lily. What better reason do we have to give thanks? Embrace yourself as His Beauty, and His Favorite, and therefore the object of His favor and preferential treatment. Begin the amazing adventure of living in the fearless confidence of one who is loved with a PERFECT love, that will go on forever.

Now there is a reason to give thanks!!!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.